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  • Lauren Durning

Establishing A Connection With Your Target Audience

When it comes to marketing, most companies focus on their products, engagement and sales. While these aspects are all important, a part that is grossly underestimated often gets lost in translation: the human element. Here are some ways to grow a connection with your consumers and why it’s as important as ever to do so.

Create a Human Connection

There are several ways you can show emotional appeal to your target audience. Creating a resonating story centered around your product can strongly influence a buyer’s decision making process. In doing so, you can leave a lasting impression in your audience’s mind and make your product unforgettable.

Keep in mind your target audience’s perspective when creating your story. The more they relate to the story, the more they can picture themselves with your product in their everyday lives.

Include Humanitarian Efforts

People are more involved than ever in humanitarian efforts. From saving the environment to being involved with local charities, they are determined to do their part. This also means that they want to buy products from companies that align with their beliefs. By sharing your contributions to society, from using sustainable materials and conserving energy to making contributions to those in need, your audience will be more likely to make a purchase with you over others.

Tell Your Story

Let your audience get to know your brand and how it came to be. Whether you’re a family-owned business, a recent start-up or anything in between, your audience will familiarize itself with your brand and form a lasting impression.

By developing an emotional connection with your audience, you’ll see a substantial increase in sales. According to Nielsen, ads with an emotional response can generate up to a 23% increase in sales, making emotional marketing an invaluable tool in your strategy. Durning Communications cares about your story, and works tirelessly to tell it right.



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