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  • Lauren Durning

How Interactive Content Can Boost Your Audience Engagement

Marketing doesn’t have to only be email blasts and daily scheduled social media posts. The best way to keep your consumer base excited and engaged is to simply excite and engage them. It can be challenging to come up with dozens of new ways to do just so, but holding your audience’s gaze can be as easy as a click of a button—or a few.

Creating interactive content on a handful of your digital channels can encourage your audience to take their time perusing your content. Here are a few ways you can incorporate interactive content on your platforms.

Quizzes Online quizzes are a severely underused tool to get people excited about your brand. The first thing consumers want to know when researching a brand is how they can see themselves with the brand’s products. Several fashion companies nationwide have incorporated style quizzes to help their audience find pieces they didn’t even know they wanted. Finding the right quiz format for your brand can come as quickly as asking yourself: how can I make my audience’s online shopping experience easier for them?


There’s no doubting the importance of statistics when it comes to making a purchase, and sharing them on your platforms is always a must. However, there are many people who take a glance at a graph and continue to scroll. Making your facts come alive with interactive pie charts, polls or other clickable content can influence your audience to remain engaged with your content and keep reading.

Digital Marketing Materials

You don’t have to only use your marketing handouts as printed campaigns. If your company designs informational pamphlets, lookbooks or magazines with every new product release, or even gift guides for the holidays, uploading your print materials in a digital format on your website is an important step to consider. Flipping through the pages as if you’re reading them in reality, creating clickable links to your products, and making a downloadable copy available for future perusal: the possibilities are endless.

No audience wants cut and dry marketing materials. Using interactive content that pleasantly surprises your visitors can ensure your brand will leave a lasting impression in the minds of your audience.



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