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  • Lauren Durning

How Social Commerce Platforms Can Increase Your Revenue

It’s no secret that most marketing today happens on social media. Cultivating multiple social accounts builds a direct relationship between your brand and your target audience. In more recent years, these platforms have been creating new and easier ways for brands to market their products: by way of social commerce. The most popular social media apps have diversified to include shopping channels. For instance, where Instagram once provided users with sponsored posts that were attuned with their likes and interests, they delved further and included clickable links in their ads that can either take users to the brand’s website, or can allow users to buy products directly on Instagram. By expanding its horizons into shopping channels, Instagram can now offer users discounts and gift cards for in-app purchases. Overall, social media apps make marketing so much easier for brands. Putting your products on a platform that actively seeks out users that are interested in your brand’s field is just one positive. Being able to activate a call-to-action “buy” button makes for an easy purchase for your consumer and is one of the top contributors to purchases made in-app. Considering how over 1/3 of internet users have made purchases on shopping channels in the last year, according to Insider Intelligence, there is much to be gained in creating ads designed specifically for in-app purchases. Joining a fast growing billion-dollar industry will set your company up for success on multiple social media platforms. Not only will shopping channels contribute to your online presence, but they can prove to be the step you need to ensure your consumers make that final purchase.



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