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  • Lauren Durning

How to Effectively Use Your Consumer Base in Your Marketing Strategy.

Targeted and curated ads are important for any marketing strategy. However, detailed product descriptions and informative visuals can only get you so far. In order to market to the best of your ability, every company must realize that the backbone of any successful marketing strategy is its customers. Here are ways to turn consumer feedback into a compelling campaign.


The most consistently effective marketing strategy, no matter what decade, is word-of-mouth. If your customers give you a golden recommendation, share it on your website and social media accounts. Nothing endears a customer more to a brand than 5-star reviews.


Storytelling takes testimonials to the next level; they can paint a much broader picture for your target audience. A video or in-depth written interview of a happy customer can describe what their everyday routine was like before and after using your product, and how it’s affected their lives for the better. Turning your product into an everyday lifestyle necessity will grip your target audience and capture their fascination.


There’s one rule to marketing that perpetually rings true: never underestimate the power of numbers. They’re your guide to adapting your strategy at every point of your execution. Statistics are your customers’ way of telling you what they do and don’t like. Listening to them keeps a steady line of communication between them and your company, which is crucial to your marketing success.

As advertising and marketing outlets continue to grow, there will always be one constant: you must listen to your customers in order to market to them. As the master communicators, Durning Communications is the go-to partner to keep your company’s ear to the ground.



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