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  • Lauren Durning

How Video Marketing Can Increase Brand Awareness

No marketing professional can deny the powerful impact the written word always has on a campaign. Colorful product descriptions can entice a consumer and prolong their interest in your products. However, nothing truly captivates an audience quite like an attention-grabbing video.

Video marketing is an incredibly effective, and sometimes crucial, component that every brand should consider when diversifying their marketing campaign. If you’re wondering where you can start, here are a few suggestions.

  • Targeted Ads

When making your sponsored ads on social media, consider choosing video as your medium. Videos hold your audience’s attention longer than a picture and can illustrate your brand’s vision better than any caption can, when used effectively.

  • Influencer Sponsorship

Effective marketing doesn’t always come straight from the brand itself. Companies often partner with influencers who boost the brand’s image to their followers. Partnering with an influencer who is closely related to your industry is key; that way, you’ll know you’ll hit your target audience.

Brand deals can be negotiated as to what the influencer posts as well as how often they post. Having an influencer promote your products via video captures their personality, reactions and excitement for your brand that posting pictures can’t capture.

  • Website Content

Is your business family-owned? Was it a long-term goal that’s finally coming to fruition? No matter what your brand’s story is, a video can depict any heart-warming or emotional story better than any other medium. Video storytelling is one of the most effective ways to achieve a strong emotional connection with your audience—something every business strives for.

Other ideas for video content can include behind-the-scenes, informational/demonstrative, and work life culture videos.

No business should ever take for granted the power video marketing has on an effective strategy. If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video is worth the time and effort it takes to really make your brand stand out.

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