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4 Seasons used memorable characters in automotive print and digital trade ads to promote their line of automotive temperature control products. These ads scored exceptionally high on reader recall surveys.

Durning Communications ad 3
Durning Communications ad 4
Durning Communications ad 5
Durning Communications ad 6

Magnum Gaskets consistently placed animated banner ads in the automotive aftermarket’s favorite digital newsletter. Custom landing pages were designed to maximize click-through value.


Two examples of animated digital ads that grab attention and deliver a strong sales proposition.

Durning Communications ad 7

Equipto manufactures metal enclosures that protect servers and hard drive systems from interference and sabotage. Their R6 product is designed especially for military applications, allowing this half page ad to play off a familiar movie title.

Durning Communications ad 9
Durning Communications ad 10

AGS Additive Manufacturing is a leading industrial 3D printing source with a specialty in metal prototypes for aerospace, military, medical and robotics markets. Full page ads ran in specialty manufacturing trade journals.

Full page ads in trade journals encouraged independent veterinarians to join their co-op so they can compete with large corporate hospitals, big box stores, pharmacies and online providers that are encroaching on their ability to be profitable.

Harley-Davidson motorcycle prospects were encouraged to not only finance the bike purchase, but also the accessories that make the riding experience complete. This half page ad ran in motorcycle enthusiast magazines.

Durning Communications ad 14
Durning Communications ad 13

Sethness Greenleaf Flavors used famous smiles to promote their flavor creation business to food and beverage companies. These half page ads ran in Beverage Industry and Prepared Foods magazines.

Durning Communications ad 11
Durning Communications ad 12
Durning Communications ad 16

A special landing page was designed for an industrial 3D Printing Service  that helped drive traffic to their booth at a trade show.

Durning Communications does pro bono work for the local food bank. This impactful ad/poster  was promoted through the local Chambers of Commerce and media outlets.

Durning Communications ad 15

Engine & Performance Warehouse, Inc (EPWI) is one of the largest suppliers of engine parts to the trade. Full page ads in Engine Builder magazine projected their unique selling proposition.


Synergy Flavors created a series of ads and promotional literature for their new line of concentrates for tea, coffee and other widely-distributed beverage bases. Ads ran in trade publications targeted to bulk buyers for hospitals, cafeterias, factories and other businesses with a large employee/customer base.

Durning Communications ad 2
Durning Communications ad1
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