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  • Lauren Durning

How Podcasting Can Increase Visibility For Your Brand

Since their invention in 2004, podcasts have united people from thousands of niche groups together by their common interests. Since then, they have expanded their purposes to include education, social networking and even marketing.

Podcasting is quickly becoming a profound, reliable source of marketing for many brands. Not only is podcasting cheap and accessible, it also helps expand range to audiences that cannot be reached through print or social media. Whether it be attaining a sponsorship with an influencer in your brand’s field or creating your own podcast, your company will benefit greatly by immersing itself on a platform that has grown nearly 30% in the last 3 years.

Creating your own podcast not only allows you to engage directly with your customers, it provides you the opportunity to grow into the role as a leader in your industry. By inviting guests from your field and engaging in meaningful conversations, you develop trust and a rapport with your listeners that cannot be developed on other platforms.

There are other ways to solidify your brand in podcasts without creating one of your own; partnering with influential podcasts in your field help bring awareness to a customer from a trusted source. These sponsorships prove to be very effective, with nearly 90% of podcast listeners believing this mode of marketing to be compelling.

While podcasting is a relatively new mode of marketing, it is proving to be one of the most influential marketing tools of the year. Growing your brand through podcasting allows your customers to grow along with you.



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